Donut Friend

Current booch selection: Better Booch + GTs Kombucha (bottled)
Signature donut compilations: Strawberrylab; Lemon Weapon; Fudgegazi

This all-vegan donut shop in one of LA's rising neighborhoods, Highland Park, is definitely an experience. Walk in here during any business hours, and you will most likely see a line of people out the door. The selection here is awe-inspiring; they turn a basic donut into a decadent creation, with every imaginable topping to choose from. The whole operation is the brainchild of a former music producer, who brings an edgy, fun vibe to the place, with menu items that reference famous musicians, like the Fudgegazi, which is filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate shavings.

And what better way to wash down those sweet treats than with a fizzy, low-sugar kombucha. Donut Friend has a pleasant selection of flavors from LA-area brands Better Booch and GTs!

We paired our half-dozen assortment with the Morning Glory and Ginger Boost flavors from Better Booch. Although it's hard to pick favorites, we were partial to "Stiff Little Butterfinger" (top middle),  and the "Polar Berry Club," bottom middle. But if none of the creations work for you, you can always design your own, using their mind-blowing selection of jams, creams, sauces, fruit, vegan cheese, nuts, candies, and even spices!

And as if that's not enough, Donut Friend also has soy ice cream, so you can make an ice cream donut sandwich, if that's what you're in the mood for. Truly, a donut heaven.