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Current booch selection: Conscious Kombucha (on tap)
Signature dishes: Blue Cheese; Hearts of Palm Ceviche; Chickpea Frittata


There is a lifting, kind of ethereal vibe that resides in this vegan eatery in Venice, CA. Everything from the lighting to the interior color palate and the outdoor garden makes you feel like you’re in a magical little corner of the world. The level of detail and care given to every element of this operation is obvious, most importantly with the food, which we are simply blown away by. It’s fine dining without the panache. Just beautiful, artfully presented plates. And, of course, there’s kombucha! Straight from the tap, frothy and fresh—made by one of our favorites, Santa Barbara’s Conscious Kombucha.

The Blue Cheese plate with kumquat marmalade and lodge bread is outstanding. The cheese is made with cashew and nori, which gives it that perfect creamy/salty blue cheese flavor and texture. We suggest slathering it all over this perfectly crisped bread, adding a dollop of the marmalade and some of the fennel on top. It’s a wonderful combo: sweet and savory, crispy and chewy. We washed it down with Blueberry kombucha from Conscious.

The Hearts of Palm Ceviche is another outstanding dish. Most of the produce in that bowl is grown in Plant Food & Wine’s own garden. It’s a gorgeous, clean and super fresh dish with ingredients—lightly tossed in a lemon nori dressing—that wake up the palate. We paired it with Conscious Kombucha’s Melon flavor, which, too, is clean and crisp and light.

But if you want to have your mind completely blown, you have to try their Strawberry Hibiscus cheesecake. It’s perfection.

All images property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All images property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

Completely raw, it’s rich and flavorful, and melts in your mouth. A decadent yet healthy treat, with lime curd, vanilla shortbread and pistachio sorrel. We can’t recommend Plant Food + Wine highly enough, if you are seeking a romantic/relaxing/beautiful/serene/unique and delicious kombucha experience!