About Us


Kombucha Hunter are Stacy and Travis, married couple, animal lovers, adventurers and creatives. Stacy is a writer, whose credits include the Random House-published biography Def Jam, Inc., as well as stories for Vice, Billboard and Interview magazines. Travis is a tv/film editor who has assembled storylines for everyone from Bravo to the Audrey Hepburn Foundation.

But most of all, they are certified, true-blue, obsessive booch-heads. Oh, what’s a booch-head, you may ask? Someone who has gone kombucha-crazy and is proud of it!

Our most booch-heady experiences have included:

“I was visiting Maui six years ago, and someone recommended that I go the peak Mt. Haleakala, which is at 13,000 feet, for a sunset. Before I headed up there, I decided to pop into Maui Kombucha and pick up one of their brews from the tap. As I ascended up the mountain in my car, sipping on the kombucha, watching the views open up, I experienced a very light woozy feeling—nothing that impaired my driving—which cast this magical veil over the entire drive up. I will never forget it: Drinking that amazing kombucha, while looking down upon all of Maui, as I climbed to the peak of that majestic mountain.” — Stacy

"At night, the twinkling lights of Los Angeles become a magical backdrop for driving through the twists and turns of the famous Mullholland Dr. So, one night Stacy and I drove up on Mullholland and end up at an overlook admiring the city's beauty. Naturally, I pulled out the champagne glasses and popped open a bottle of the best bubbly out there: kombucha. In this case, it was Stacy's first booch love, GT's Strawberry Serenity. Sipping the booch with my wife while taking in the city was at both simple joy and uniquely memorable experience." — Travis