The Grain Cafe

Current booch selection: Health-Ade + GTs Kombucha (bottled)
We recommend: Nachos; Cobb Salad; Pollo Crepe; Green Tea Cake


We’ve been fans of this charming restaurant in LA’s Mid-City neighborhood for quite some time. Though it’s located in a nondescript strip mall off one of LA’s busiest roads, The Grain Cafe has a vibe all its own. They recently underwent a renovation and expansion, and the restaurant simply shines. Their extensive, all-vegan menu has everything from sushi rolls to wet burritos to pancakes, crepes, burgers, pizzas, and some of the tastiest cakes we’ve ever tried. Seriously, scroll down and look at those cakes.

And with two different brands and over 10 flavors of bottled kombucha to choose from, The Grain Cafe is definitely a must-have kombucha experience, L.A.-style.

We are completely addicted to their different crepes—which come in both savory and sweet options. This one, the Pollo Crepe, has a sauce that is so tasty that we sometimes dream about it. This is such a filling, wonderful dish!

We love their breakfast food, too, like this “bacon and egg” bagel, which is stuffed with tofu scramble and tempeh bacon. So satisfying!

But don’t get too stuffed, because you will want to experience the Grain Cafe's many desserts. Like their cakes!

All images property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All images property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

From Green Tea Cake to the Lemon Cake, Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Almond Cake—these beauties are so moist and flavorful. They’re so good, we may even drive in rush hour across town to pick them up.