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 The Voice of the Kombucha Generation

Welcome, booch-heads! We're so glad you're here. We've created a hub of resources and information to satisfy all your kombucha-loving needs—from our original home-brew flavor recipes to our DIY Brew Kits, brand profiles, mouth-watering food-and-booch pairings, and so much more.

The Fizz Factor!

Want your home-brews to come out extra bubbly, and perfectly carbonated? Then, be sure to read our ultimate Fizz Tips! 

The U.K.'s Jarr Kombucha

London calling! This tasty new brand puts a modern twist on traditional booch. Read our fascinating Q&A with founder Adam Vanni—a beer brewer-turned-kombucha brewer!                                                          

Graperfruit Lavender Kombucha   

Juicy pomelo and marsh grapefruit varieties tangle with the floral notes of lavender in this golden brew. Click for the fully recipe!                                               

Is Kombucha Safe for Kids?

Read our in-depth Special Feature on this somewhat controversial subject, with insights from parents and booch professionals.                                              

A Taste of Texas!              

Dallas is big on many things, including its kombucha selections! We bring you 3 of our top booch-and-food finds!                                                                 

Our Kombucha Guide to California   

We are thrilled to present the first-ever Kombucha Guide to California, filled with amazing booch-carrying eateries all over the state!                             

A Midwest Newbie     

Get to know Minnesota's Northstar Kombucha in our exciting Best of the Midwest package! 




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