Passionate Chamomile Rose


Roses are red, violets are blue, we love rose-flavored kombucha, and so will you! We're not quite sure why, but the rose flavor seems to work magically with a quality kombucha brew. The floral note tangling with the tang of kombucha makes for a really satisfying sipping experience. Add a few other special ingredients, and you've got a pretty extraordinary brew. Read on to find out how we utilized roses in this batch.

Tea base: Assam + Sencha blend
Second ferment ingredients: A handful of dried chamomile flowers; Pure drinkable rose water.; A juice blend of beet and passion fruit.

Process: Alternately, you can use a chamomile herbal tea bag instead of the dried flowers, and you can use store-bought juices (we recommend cold-pressed, if possible), or juice at home if you prefer. In this case, the passion fruit should be the dominant juice flavor. The juice-to-kombucha ratio should be no more than 10%, regardless of the size of the bottle you are using.

We recommend Bulgarian Rosewater. Not only is it a great flavor additive, but it's also packed with benefits—from helping to detoxify the body to balancing your energy levels. So if you're purchasing a bottle for kombucha flavor, know that you can also consume it simply for its benefits.

Have your bottles ready for filling. Add a teaspoon of chamomile flowers, or 1 chamomile tea bag into each bottle. Be sure to remove the tag from the tea bag, as it has ink. Pour in your beet passionfruit blend. Add a splash of rosewater (no more than 1/4 of a teaspoon). Fill the bottle to the top with your kombucha and seal tightly. Let sit at room temp for 3-5 days, depending on the temperature of your brewing environment.

Refrigerate and serve! You will find the flavor soft and floral, with that nice kombucha bite.


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FlavorStacy Gueraseva