Premium Scoby in 1 Cup Starter Liquid + Instructions

Premium Scoby in 1 Cup Starter Liquid + Instructions

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Grown in a positive, compassionate environment with the best nutrition, love and respect, our scoby's are the highest quality you can get. Each scoby will brew you outstanding kombucha, and will produce healthy babies for future batches. Choose between our standard, large, and jumbo sizes.
Standard: These guys measure 3.5 inches in diameter, and are hard-working, thick scoby's. They are great for brewing in any vessel that ranges in size from a mason jar to a gallon.

Large: Our beautiful, robust scoby's are perfect for brewing in a gallon size container or bigger. They measure 5 inches in diameter, and are nice and round!

Jumbo: Perfect for brewing in extra large vessels, these mighty mothers measure a hefty 6.5 inches in diameter!

Each scoby comes in a sealed bag with its own cup of starter liquid and detailed, illustrated brewing instructions. Plus, you receive a month of email support in your brewing journey, directly from Kombucha Hunter.

When you order 2 or more scobies of any size, you get a FREE Kombrew™ Log sticker! Our scoby's are responsible for all the delicious brews in our Flavor Gallery!

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What our customers say:

"The best scobys on Earth!" — @coleenmck

"So excited. Our first homemade batch of kombucha is nearly ready! Thanks to a healthy, happy scoby from @kombuchahunter" — @losvegangeles

 "Thank you, @kombuchahunter, for the beautiful, healthy scoby that has created a lot of buzz in my family. Everybody is loving it." — @m24toots

"My first glass of home-brew kombucha is a success! I thank @kombuchahunter for the inspiration and guidance that made this first batch such a success!" — @clementnine

"I ordered the jumbo. It was beautiful when it arrived, well packaged, and ready to go.  I got a batch started. After 10 days I pulled off half to start my F2. It was already fizzing like crazy and I had a beautiful, gigantic baby scoby. Thank you very much for your great service and wonderful scobies." — Amy S., Ann Arbor, MI

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