Blood Orange Hibiscus

There's something about that raspberry-citrusy note that occurs when you combine blood oranges with hibiscus which we find very intoxicating. And you can't beat that bright orangey-red color!  Another fun idea: Pour the finished, flavored booch into an ice cube tray and freeze for colorful ice cubes to toss into your unflavored booch glass!

Tea Base: Sencha + Assam  + Jasmine tea (5 tbsp of loose-leaf total, in equal parts of each tea, per 1 gallon of spring water)

Second ferment ingredients (per 12 oz bottle): The juice of organic blood oranges (1.5 tblsp); Organic dried hibiscus flowers or any version of hibiscus (1 tbsp of dried/liquid or 1 tea bag, if in tea form, or 1 drop of concentrate); A splash of Lavender Syrup (1 tsp) or dried lavender buds {for our Lavender Syrup recipe, please click here};

Brew your kombucha to your usual tart/sweet preference. For this batch, we used a blend of loose-leaf Sencha, Assam and a little bit of Jasmine tea to give the flavor a light floral note.

To prepare the flavor blend, get a mixing bowl and combine all of the ingredients together, minus the hibiscus flowers. Once everything is well incorporated, get your bottle and funnel, and pour the wet ingredients into the bottle, using your funnel. Add the hibiscus flowers by hand, directly into the bottle.

Pour in your finished kombucha into the bottle, using the same funnel. Seal tightly, label and date, and set aside at room temp for 3-5 days.
Because this recipe uses high-sugar ingredients, expect your brew to be quite fizzy, and be sure to burp your bottle on day 2.

To burp: Open your cap or swing-top—very gently and slowly—to release a small amount of air, and quickly seal it back up, and continue to second ferment for an additional day or two.

Refrigerate, and enjoy! Since this recipe uses fine pieces of hibiscus flowers, you will want to strain those out before pouring into a glass. We recommend a very fine mesh strainer like this one. Or pour off some of that finished, strained booch into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight for some boochy ice cubes to add to your drink of choice!

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Stacy Gueraseva