Peach Blush, New Year's Eve-style

Pretty, isn't it? You can mix this one with champagne, if you like! Or leave it as is—it's a sparkly, colorful booch that will look gorgeous in a champagne flute. The peach gives it a juicy, fruity note, while the lavender and hibiscus add a floral quality that is accented by the rose hips.

Image property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

Image property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

Tea Base: Sencha tea, loose-leaf + Assam, tea, loose-leaf (equal parts)
Second ferment ingredients (per 12 oz bottle): Organic peach (1 slice per bottle), dried hibiscus flowers (1/3 tsp), rose hips (1/4 tsp) dried lavender buds (1/3 tsp)

Process: Brew your kombucha as normal (in this weather, we recommend leaving it in first ferment for up to 10 days). For this batch, we used Maeda Sencha loose-leaf tea, which is our current favorite, and the organic assam from Two Leaves.

Once you're ready to bottle, get your organic peach slice and your dry ingredients ready.
We love using frozen peaches for this one, because in the defrosting process, they produce a lovely syrup that adds an extra layer of flavor.

Add in your peach slice, your hibiscus, lavender and rose hips, and fill the bottle with kombucha.
Seal tightly and set aside for 2-5 days at room temp.

Chill, serve and toast!

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