Peppermint Candy-Dusted Kombucha Float!


Winter-time and peppermint candy seem to go hand-in-hand. This tasty treat, however, can be enjoyed any time of year! All you need is some delicious kombucha (commercial or home-brewed), some non-dairy ice cream and peppermint candy!

For this float, we used the "Love" flavor from Portland's Brew Dr Kombucha. This one is great because it's got soft notes of lavender and rose that work really well with ice cream. The ice cream we used was cashew milk-based in the "Very Vanilla" flavor from So Delicious. This ice cream is super creamy and rich and perfect for a booch float! (You can use whatever non-dairy ice cream you wish, as long as it's vanilla).

We used standard peppermint candy, and ground it up in a food processor. Then, we poured the booch into a cup, added two scoops of the ice cream and dusted on the peppermint. The result: A sweet and tangy blend with the added coolness of peppermint!

Tip: If you let the float sit for 5-10 minutes, the candy will melt into the ice cream, creating a beautiful swirl of flavors and colors. This is a great treat to make with your kids too!

Stacy GuerasevaComment