NEW! Junior Fully Loaded Kombucha Home-Brewing Kit — 1/2 Gallon

NEW! Junior Fully Loaded Kombucha Home-Brewing Kit — 1/2 Gallon


Our Fully-Loaded Home-Brewing Kit now comes in a convenient Half-Gallon size! It holds 60 oz of liquid and will yield you five 12oz bottles of delicious, home-brewed kombucha! It's the perfect size for brewers who want to create smaller batches, and will fit even the most compact surface area (ideal for dorm rooms, small apartments, or a tiny home!)

The kit includes:

• 1/2 gallon glass, USA-made brewing vessel with white lid.
• 1 standard-size, premium, organic scoby with 1/2 cup of our premium starter liquid. We farm our own scoby's, using the highest quality standards.
• 1 Kombrew Log™ wet erase sticker, along with a wet erase marker and a wet erase mini-sponge.
• Detailed, step-by-step, illustrated brewing instructions. PLUS: 1 month of free email consultations!
• 10 organic green tea bags.
• 1 cup of organic pure cane sugar.
• 1 cotton cloth cover. Choose between 8 different prints: Navy Blue polka dot; Light Blue polka dot; Blue Graphic and Green Graphic designs; Pink Camo and Blue Camo; Bicycles and Handbags.
• 1 rubber band.

Our premium scoby's are the best quality you can find, and are harvested in small batches in our 100% vegan, unshared kitchen. We stand proudly behind our scoby's, because we use them for our own kombucha!

Please note: If you are shipping to Canada, contact us directly at to fill out a special order. Canadian shipping is $15 and up, depending on location and weight.

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What our customers say:

"Quick and great service!" — @lexieeatsfood

"My beautiful scoby and daughter in their new home. On my second batch of home brew kombucha! Thanks to @kombuchahunter for my first kit, I love it.” — @clementnine

“My second batch of kombucha is ready for second fermentation. Now, I have 2 mothers and 2 baby scobies. Thank you, @kombuchahunter, for all your help and support.” — @vegatinos

"Finally happening! Brewing my first batch of kombucha at home! I had excellent instructions via @kombuchahunter.” — @jenhelene77

"Love that this kit is so high quality and I got every I needed in one box!" —@watchmetoneitup

“Amazing starter kit, literally everything you need to start." — @justjamesross

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