Cotton Cloth Covers—4 Pack and 8 Pack

Cotton Cloth Covers—4 Pack and 8 Pack

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Dress up your brewing vessel with our vibrant, 100% cotton cloth covers. Our four-packs and eight-packs come in 8 distinctive patterns, and 2 rubber bands. Or choose 4 of the same color and graphic! Each cover measure 8x8 inches and will fit any size vessel. Choose between: Navy Blue polka dot; Light Blue polka dot; Blue Graphic and Green Graphic designs; Pink Camo and Blue Camo; Bicycles and Handbags.

When selecting the 4-pack variety, please email us at and specify which 4 prints you would like in the pack.

Please note: There is a 3-5 week delay in our orders being shipped due to a move of our facility.

Please note: If you are shipping to Canada, contact us directly at to fill out a special order. Canadian shipping is $10 and up, depending on location.

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