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Welcome, Booch Heads!

We're so glad you're here! We've created a hub of resources and information to satisfy all your kombucha-loving needs—from our DIY Kits to commercial brand profiles, home-brewing tips, tricks, recipe ideas, and so much more.

New Workshop! January 6, DTLA

Our upcoming Adventures in Kombucha Home-Brewing Workshop will be a brew-along and flavoring course, where newbie brewers will get to make and flavor their own batch! Scoby and brew jar are included!

Goji Hibiscus Pineapple Kombucha

Stunning in both color and flavor, this simple yet nuanced recipe is filled with ingredients that are good for your body!                                                             

Minnesota's Deane's Kombucha     

Brewed in oak barrels, Deane's is one of the oldest kombucha brands in the country. Read all about its history and process in our insightful Q&A.               

Is Kombucha Safe for Kids?

Read our in-depth Special Feature on this somewhat controversial subject, with insights from parents and booch professionals.                                              

A Taste of Texas!              

Dallas is big on many things, including its kombucha selections! We bring you 3 of our top booch-and-food finds!                                                                 

Our Kombucha Guide to California   

We are thrilled to present the first-ever Kombucha Guide to California, filled with amazing booch-carrying eateries all over the state!                             

Big Flavors from the Big Easy      

The founders of New Orleans' first and only locally-brewed kombucha share the story of their journey and how they developed their flavors.           


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