Fig + Fennel + Butterfly Pea


If you didn't already know, figs are a superfood. We most commonly find them in stores in the dry form, but they are absolutely delicious and beneficial when they're fresh, and that's how we utilized them in this recipe. Naturally sweet, figs make a great compliment to your second ferment. They are high in potassium, and low in sodium, which makes them a very heart-friendly food. For this recipe, we chose the Black Mission fig, which is a particularly high-quality variety of fig.

With figs bringing a nice dose of sweetness to the brew, we decided to balance it with the bright licorice note of fennel seeds. These guys aid in digestion, lower blood pressure, improve skin health, among other benefits. So this booch is not just a pleasure to drink, but truly acts as a healing elixir for your body.

And the gorgeous purple-mauvey color? That's thanks to Butterfly Pea Flower, which we added a pinch of to this brew. Read on for the full recipe.


Tea Base: Sencha or any other good quality green tea and Assam (2.5 tbsp each of loose-leaf total, per 1 gallon of spring water)
Second ferment ingredients (per 12 oz bottle): Organic fresh black mission figs (1 tbsp, mashed); Fennel seeds (1/2 tsp); Fresh pineapple (1 tsp)—you can also use pineapple juice if you wish; Butterfly Pea Flower (1/2 tsp).

Brew your kombucha to your usual tart/sweet preference. For this recipe, we let our brew sit in first ferment for a full 8 days.

Peel your fig and scoop out the meat; mash it well in a bowl, or puree in a food processor.

When you are ready to bottle, add the mixture, via funnel, to your bottle. Next, take your fennel seeds, and add them into the bottle as well. Add your pineapple and your butterfly pea flowers, and then pour in your finished kombucha to the top. Seal tightly, label and date, and set in your kitchen cabinet for about 4-5 days at room temperature. Be sure to burp on day 2. The sugar in the fig and pineapple will definitely make this a fizzy brew.

There will be bits of fig and fennel seeds floating around in your finished brew, so before serving, be sure to strain out the pieces using a fine mesh strainer.


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