Blueberry Two Ways


On the left is Blueberry Cinnamon and on the right is Blueberry Ginger, and both are so yummy! We love blueberries and we love booch, so it's only natural to marry the two. The blueberry flavor on its own can vary depending on the type of berry you use (did you know there are dozens of different blueberry strains?), but for these two versions, we actually used frozen berries from a brand called Earthbound Organics. We like using frozen sometimes, because during the defrosting process, the berries will ooze a really lovely syrup that can enhance the booch flavor deeper during second ferment.

For Blueberry Cinnamon, left

Tea base: Sencha
Second ferment ingredients: Defrosted, room temperature, organic blueberries; 1 bag of Pukka's Three Cinnamon Tea.

Process: You can use fresh berries, of course, and you instead of the tea bag, sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon or add an actual cinnamon stick!

Prepare your bottles of choice. Add the 2 tbspof blueberries, and pop in the cinnamon tea bag. Pour in your booch, seal tightly and leave to second ferment at room temp for 3-7 days (depending on how cool your kitchen is). Once the fermentation is complete, chill and serve.

For Blueberry Ginger, right

Tea base: Sencha
Second ferment ingredients: Defrosted, room temperature, organic blueberries; Fresh, peeled ginger, grated or minced. 1 teaspoon.

Process: The process is the same for this one as it is for Blueberry Cinnamon. The ginger will add a bit extra fizz to your brew, so you may want to burp your bottle on day 2. Because it's cooler out now, we also recommend leaving the bottles to second ferment for an extra day or two than you normally do. And voila, you will have 2 different flavors to enjoy that use the same base, but taste rather different! You can even blend the two into one exciting Blueberry Cinnamon Ginger concoction! Yum.


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Stacy Gueraseva