Asian Pear + Ginger


We sure love ourselves a nice, juicy, ripe pear. So it only makes sense to add pear to second ferment! For this brew, we decided to blend two types of pear to give it a little extra depth, along with the kick of fresh ginger. The result was heavenly. Read our process below.

Tea base: Assam + Jasmine blend
Second ferment ingredients: Fresh, organic Asian and Concorde pears, peeled and sliced into small chunks; Fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced into small chunks.

Process: Although we chose to use a blend of fresh pears, you can use pear juice if you like, and you can also use ginger juice or even oil, as long as it's high quality. When using oil, you only need about 1/2 of a drop per 16 oz bottle. It's very potent and easy to overflavor.

Prepare your bottles of choice. Add about 5 chunks of the sliced pear into your bottle. Pop in about a teaspoon worth of fresh ginger (or about 1 oz of ginger juice or 1/2 drop of ginger oil). Pour in your kombucha, seal tightly and leave to ferment at room temp for 3-5 days.  This brew will come out quite fizzy, so you may want to give it a burp on day 2.

Once the fermentation is complete, chill and serve. This will be a terrific, crisp winter brew that will go super nicely with your holiday foods.


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FlavorStacy Gueraseva