Creative Repurposing


Tools required: Krylon Spray Paint; dust mask, leak-proof surface cover; gloves
Duration of Project: 1-2 hours


Let's face it: Kombucha uses a lot of glass. And of course we love those amber bottles, but wouldn't it be fun to take some of them and make, say, unique and lovely vases out of them, or turn them into pieces of art? You don't need to be an artist, you don't even need to know how to paint. All you need are the right kind of tools, and a little bit of imagination. Outdoor space helps, too, but this will involve using paint—spray paint, specifically. Why spray paint? It's super easy to apply, it's fast, and comes in some really fun colors and textures, like "Glitter Blast!"

So take a look around your kitchen, and pick out a bottle or two, or three, that has a shape that appeals to you. This shouldn't be hard because a lot of booch bottles have pretty, soft, elegant and unique shapes. Like the ones we chose for this project: A Better Booch bottle, an Elixirz bottle and a Revive kombucha bottle. Remove all the labels, making sure no glue is left behind (all of these particular brands have easy-to-peel labels), and wash the bottles.

Next, we picked out some fun spray paint colors that would transform the bottles into actual vases! Like "Glitter Blast" from Krylon; along with their Foil Metallic in "Silver" and in their Premium Metallic in "Gold."

We also used some painters tape, in order to create a stripey look on one of the bottles. Application is simple, but safety is a must. First of all, we recommend wearing a dust mask, since you're spraying paint. Wear gloves as you're spraying and be sure to cover any surface with a leak-proof material. Also, be sure the products makes no contact whatsoever with heat, as spray paint is highly flammable. Finally: spray in feather-like motions to give the coat an even finish.

These paints do dry quite quickly—about an hour. Once dry, they are ready to be displayed around your home, or even give as gifts.

Or you can do like a company called Glassed Over—which converts old containers into candles—and turn your bottle booch bottle into a candle or a candle holder. Adorable, right?

Stacy Gueraseva