Tea Love: Sencha

Origins: Japan
Biggest contemporary producer: Japan
We recommend: Maeda loose-leaf + Eden Organic tea bags


Sencha is our favorite tea to brew our kombucha with. It's also the most popular tea in all of Japan. There's just something about it, that is almost indescribable. It's light, crisp, with sweet floral notes. There is a delicate and rather fascinating process involved in preparing the tea for commercial use. Right after the leaves are picked, they are steamed, rolled and dried, resulting in shiny, needle-like leaves.

It also has tons of health benefits: Sencha helps in cancer prevention, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Read on to learn about our favorite sencha-based kombucha flavors.

Floral ingredients like hibiscus and rose hips marry wonderfully with sencha as the base. Try our Hibiscus Lavender flavor or our recipes for two different types of blueberry kombucha flavors. And there are commercial brewers who use sencha too: One of our favorites is a brand from Arkansas called Moniker Ferments

Stacy Gueraseva