Tea Love: Assam


Origins: Assam, India
Biggest contemporary producer: India
We recommend: Ghograja Tea Estate's, loose-leaf + Taylors of Harrogate, bagged.


We fell in love with Assam after using it as part of a tea blend in one of our brews. It's a very robust, black tea with a malty note, and is one of the most caffeinated teas on the market (twice the caffeine content of a Darjeeling tea, for instance). Hence, it's other name: Breakfast tea.

The scoby seems to really love Assam, and every batch we've used it in has always resulted in a flavorful, layered, robust brew.

Although you can definitely brew with Assam alone, we think it blends beautifully with a green tea. Our favorite blends are Assam + Sencha and Assam + Jasmine. Some of our favorite recipes for home-brews that use Assam are our Passionate Chamomile Rose, which blends Sencha and Assam, and our Maple Blueberry Superfruit, which also blends Sencha and Assam.

So, go ahead, and try Assam in your next batch—alone or along with another tea; the results will be delightful, either way.


Stacy Gueraseva