Private Kombucha Home-Brewing Session (includes Scoby!)

Private Kombucha Home-Brewing Session (includes Scoby!)

from 25.00

Want to learn how to brew your own kombucha or polish up your home-brewing skills, in a one-on-one setting, directly with Kombucha Hunter? We offer private, in-person courses in Los Angeles, or Skype sessions and email consultations if you are in other parts of the country, or the world. Each session is customized to fit the student's need.

Choose between:

In-Person Session (90 minutes; $65). You will be guided you through the entire brewing process, step-by-step and in real time. We will educate you on teas and flavors, and show you how to make each batch a fizzy success. You will taste a variety of home-brew samples, and will be able to ask any kind of brewing-related question.

• Skype Session (30-60 minutes, $25-$45). As with our in-person sessions, the Skype Sessions will guide you through the entire brewing process. If you're already brewing, and need to trouble-shoot or gain new techniques or flavor ideas, we will create a session just for you! Choose between a Skype session that includes a scoby, or just a session.

• Email Consultation ($15). Ask up to 7 questions about any aspect of kombucha brewing via email, and you will get a detailed response to each question, including 3 follow-up questions.

We work with each client to set up the most optimal time and date for the in-person or Skype session. Most sessions include your very own scoby with starter liquid, and detailed brewing instructions and a month of email support. (If you paid for the Skype course, the scoby will be shipped to you directly)

You will be emailed instructions on setting up your session, once the purchase is made. Scoby shipped to U.S. addresses only.


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