Kombrew Log™ Sticker Pack

Kombrew Log™ Sticker Pack

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You'll never forget to log your brews again with our indispensable Kombrew Log™ sticker! It's a home-brewer's best friend! Water-resistant, it has a wet-erase surface to make note-writing a breeze. Attach it to any size vessel, and peel off when you want!

Choose between a 3-sticker pack or a 5-sticker pack. Each pack comes with a wet-erase marker! A sticker is also included with each of our 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon Home-Brewing kits!

Please note: If you are shipping to Canada, contact us directly at info@kombuchahunter.com to fill out a special order. Canadian shipping is $10 and up, depending on location.

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