Gorge Ice Cream & Kombucha Bar

Current booch selection: House-brewed (on tap)
Signature offerings: Kombucha floats


Ice cream + kombucha—what an absolutely perfect food duo, right? Creamy, frothy, tangy and sweet—all in one. Wouldn't be amazing if there was an ice cream and kombucha shop that made endless kombucha floats? There is such a place!! It's Gorge Kitchen in Hood River, OR, and they have 10 (!!) flavors of their house-brewed kombucha on tap plus many different flavors of their own dairy-free ice cream. So you can make endless float combos and endless kombucha blends.

This place is so cool and unique! Located in downtown Hood River, which is a small city that sits on the water and is an hour east of Portland, Gorge feels modern and concept yet with a homey, friendly vibe. The kombucha is amazing. The variety of flavors is awesome: everything from Salted Cocoa kombucha to Lemon Lime. We blended their Northwest Hops flavor with their "Heart Beet" ice cream, which is made with beets and roses. It is seriously one of the most beautiful flavors that we've ever experienced. Floral and rich, it went perfect with the kombucha. And that bright pink color is so beautiful!

Gorge is the brainchild of partners Dave Ashburn and Sara Evans; Dave was making vegan ice cream at home, as well as brewing kombucha, when his entrepreneurial spirit compelled him to open a business that blended both of his passions. We can't wait to go back and GORGE on more flavors and combos!

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.