Citra Hops Pineapple

When most people think hops, they think beer. And while hops are a common ingredient in many beer varieties, they are also becoming a popular ingredient in kombucha. Brands like Brew Dr. (who actually have a flavor called Citrus Hops) are now utilizing this unique flower. Not only does it smell amazing—a blend of tropical fruit and citrus—but it adds a most wonderful, fresh burst of flavor to your booch. For this recipe, we used Citra Hops, in pellet form. We added a pinch of Pineapple to round out the citrusy notes.

For the tea, we chose a blend of Yerba Mate and Sencha. The two of them together created a beautiful, crisp canvas for all those citrusy tropical floral notes. We've also brewed a version of this tea using a blend of Jasmine pearls and Sencha loose-leaf teas, which creates a more floral note in the brew.



Tea Base: Sencha  and Yerba Mate (2.5 tbsp each of loose-leaf total, per 1 gallon of spring water)
Second ferment ingredients (per 12 oz bottle): Organic Citra hops pellets (1 tsp, mashed); Fresh pineapple (1 tsp).

Brew your kombucha to your usual tart/sweet preference. We let this brew sit at room temp for 8 full days.

In a bowl, mash up your pellets and them into your bottle, followed by pineapple. Pour in your finished kombucha, seal tightly, label and date, and set in your kitchen cabinet for about 5 days. Refrigerate, and enjoy!

There will be bits of hops floating around in your finished brew, so before serving, be sure to strain out the pieces using a fine mesh strainer.

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