GT's Kombucha—Brewer Q&A


Based in: Vernon, CA
Founded: 1995
Distribution: US + Canada

The colorful rainbow of flavors that is GT's Kombucha. Over 20 years after it was started in the kitchen of a then 17-year-old GT Dave, this brand has become a national (and international) dynamo, found everywhere from gas stations to Costco. They’ve mainstreamed booch, yet have not lost cred with die-hard booch-heads. That’s because the product is connected to something deeper than just a beverage.

For many, GT's is the first kombucha they’ve ever tried, and we’re no exception. It was their Strawberry Serenity flavor that first got us hooked on kombucha. And we're still hooked on their fun, vibrant flavors, including five brand new ones!

Like Euphoria, above. Think their popular Gingerade flavor, with a strong dash of cayenne, ginger, lemon, and a soft note of pomegranate to sweeten everything up. This is a robust, assertive brew that definitely gives a nice kick to the gut. We can see starting the day with this one instead of coffee.

Pretty much on the opposite end of the flavor spectrum, is their new Rosé blend. Not ones to rest on their laurels, GTs continues to launch new products and reimagine old ones. Rose, along with another new one, Heart Beet, have completely wowed us. Rosé definitely takes the rose note to a new level; this brew is bursting with rose. It's a spectacular blend: Rose hips, rose petals and rose water are all in there. The scent is intoxicating and it tastes like their Original flavor infused with rich floral notes. This is brew has romance written all over it. We are constantly inspired by rose as a flavor ingredient in second fermentation; check out our own rose-inspired brew in our Flavor Gallery!

Heart Beet is kind of like Gingerade with a nice dose of beets and hint of rosemary. Absolutely delicious and tangy and earthy. Did you know beets help lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation, detox and have anti-cancer properties? Hooray for beets!

If the ingredients in Lavender Love sound familiar, that’s because it used to be known as Botanic No. 3! GTs recently updated their packaging and added a list of new flavors. As GT Dave explains, the renaming was done “as an effort to better call out to our newer fans what flavors they should expect when navigating our different offerings.” We think the new Lavender Love name conveys the contents perfectly: There lavender note is strong in this one, and is complimented by the elderberry. Lavender, in general, is one of our favorite flavors for kombucha—its softness balances really well with the tart kick of kombucha.

Lemonade, meanwhile, was formerly known as Citrus! We think the new name is perfect; this booch contains lemon juice, and yields a very pleasant, tart yet sweet flavor. So it’s indeed very lemonade-y.

We had a fun chat recently with GT Dave about the new packaging and his favorite flavor!

Kombucha Hunter: What do you love most about the updated packaging?
GT Dave: I love how clean and aligned the design architecture is between products (Kombucha vs Synergy) and between lines (Classic and Enlightened). I also love how the new labels honor the heart and soul of the previous design.

KH: Do you have any plans to release more flavors in the 48oz bottles?
GT: I’m thrilled that people are loving the 48 fl oz bottle! The bottle design took a lot of time and hard work to get it just right. As always, we'll listen to our fans and respond with additional flavors accordingly. I love the idea of the 48 oz being shared at the breakfast or dinner table instead of soda or processed juice.

KH: What flavor in the whole GTs line you like to drink the most?
GT: Gosh, that's like asking me to pick a favorite child! I truly love them all since they all have a different occasion of consumption. Having said that, I really have an affinity for our "Sharing Gratitude"  flavor since not only is the flavor quite unique with the turmeric and carrot juices but I also love the symbolism of the "staying true to our roots" for our 20th Anniversary.