BluePrint Kombucha

Based in: Queens, NY    
Founded: 2016
Distribution: National

You could say that the popular juice company BluePrint was in a perfect position to create a kombucha product. They’re already known for their high-quality juices, which they can easily source to flavor kombucha. And their parent company is the organic behemoth Hain Celestial, which owns dozens of other popular natural food brands, and has the built-in structure to manufacture and distribute the booch to the masses. We think that just as there’s room for many small, local kombucha brands, the public benefits from having a mass-marketed kombucha on the shelves too. This one, though, definitely has a whimsical, fun feel that doesn’t scream corporate.

And, no surprise: You can definitely taste the juice in these. Raise the Roots has an earthy flavor, with beets front and center. The ginger and carrot tangle nicely here too, and the carbonation is lovely. Same with Kale-a-lu-ya (we appreciate the cute names, too). It’s earthy and very green—everything from kale to parsley is in this one—but with the light sweetness of apple. Miss Tang and Sweet Heat (which may be our fave from the bunch) are more in the traditional, ginger booch family. High fizz factor, and both have a nice, mellow heat to them.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

We’ve been on a carrot kick lately and pineapple is our perennial favorite, so these two flavors are definitely up our block. Like their other flavors, these ones are definitely juice-inspired (they use about 15% juice) and have a spritzer-like quality that makes this brand very accessible to a variety of booch-heads. Heart of Gold is really light and fresh: The way they blend the mint with pineapple is super yummy. It’s a vibrant flavor that has a cooling quality. Jack Rabbit (another cute name!) is more robust, with the carrot and mangoes providing a richer overall flavor. We could see adding this one to a power smoothie! And as packaging lovers, we can’t help but smile at those cute blue caps.