Better Booch


Based in: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2012
Distribution: SoCal


It’s safe to say that we are obsessed with the Golden Pear flavor from Better Booch. It really does taste like its name. A sweet, soft pear just dances around the tongue and goes down super smoothly, with no aftertaste. There are maybe notes of mango in there too. It's got bite and fizz and just overall perfect kombucha deliciousness. It has a beautiful amber color too. Like all of Better Booch flavors, this one is flavored only with tea, and they don’t add any juices or other flavorings, thus keeping their sugar content super low.

We are also suckers for cool, imaginative packaging. When it comes to kombucha, the delightfulness of the beverage can only be enhanced by the way it is packaged. Think about it: Kombucha is a creative, unique beverage, so it’s only right that it deserves creative and unique packaging!

About a year ago, Better Booch decided to re-brand themselves with new labels. The previous ones were imaginative too, but “because it was a clear label on a brown bottle, it didn’t stand out as much,” says Ashleigh Lockerbie, who together with her husband Trey, started Better Booch, after a career as touring musicians. For the new version, Ashleigh and Trey asked illustrator James Gulliver Hancock (who made the original labels as well) to create a mural of Los Angeles, “because we really wanted the label to communicate that we are a locally brewed, LA kombucha,” says Ashleigh. They then partnered with creative director Jon Setzen (who runs the popular series Creative Mornings) to help them complete the vision and “execute the re-brand.”

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

The result is a bottle that really pops on the shelves and tells to the buyer that this is a company that is unique to the West Coast. “So when we do venture eastward,” says Ashleigh, “it will be a little slice of sunshine for the folks on the other side of the country—much like we enjoy the treat of Brooklyn Lager, or Youngling out here in California.”