Rise Kombucha


Based in: Montreal, QC
Founded: 2009
Distribution: Canada


RISE first emerged in Montreal, as the house-brewed kombucha at Crudessence, a renowned raw, plant-based eatery. Its chef, David Cote, along with co-founder Mathieu Gallant, began to incorporate house-brewed kombucha into the menu, and it became a hit. But the guys were more hippies than businessmen, and when Simon Bertrand joined the team, RISE started to…Rise!

Over the next six years, there was steady growth, including a move into its own bottling plant and country-wide distribution. A “mad scientist”-like microbiologist and a dedicated Research & Development team took years to refine the product. There was also a repackaging and re-branding by the Montreal-based agency, N/A. The result of this steady development and growth is a delicious, unique kombucha that comes in a really cool-looking bottle and is now available all over Canada.

We really fell in love with all the flavors of Rise, as well as the small/large bottle size varieties, when we tried it in Vancouver, BC. Rose & Schizandra is definitely their stand-out flavor. You can really taste the rose in that one. It's floral and woodsy at the same time; a really satisfying blend that feels refreshing and clean. Added bonus: Schizandra is a medicinal superberry that has anti-aging properties and helps maintain healthy cells.So all you home-brewers, try a little Schizandra in your next brew. Mint & Chlorophyll has tang and bite and a green-ness that exudes health. And yet, it’s so much fun to drink. We hope every booch-head gets to experience it.


Lemongrass Citronnelle is crisp, zesty and perfectly fizzy. The ingredients in all of their flavors are chosen based on their medicinal properties, and are carefully researched by their elaborate Research & Development team (which includes a microbiologist). For example, the verbena leaves in the Lemongrass flavor are used to heal everything from heart conditions to depression, liver and metabolic disorders.



All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.








Blueberry Maple, meanwhile, is one of our all-time favorite kombucha flavors, and inspired to make our own home-brewed version, which you can find here.