Revive Kombucha


Based in: Sonoma County, CA
Founded: 2010
Distribution: Western US, TX, NJ, NY


In less than seven years, Revive has gone from being bike-delivered around Sonoma County by founder Sean Lovett to occupying a 50,000 sq foot brewing facility and having national distribution. That kind of leap would not have been possible without the brews having a truly universal appeal and a high quality. In the span of their development, Revive has updated their packaging, and settled on nine permanent different flavors. Below, are a few of our absolute favorites.


Spring Fling won our hearts from the moment we tried it when it was released as a limited edition flavor back in March of last year. It has since been made permanent and we are so glad! Using white tea as a base, it’s just so fun to drink. We could really taste the cucumber, which is not a common ingredient in kombucha, but yet such a perfect companion to the tartness of booch. The mellowness and freshness of cucumber is accented by the citrusy notes of lemon and mint.

Before adding these adorable 11oz bottles, Revive was known for their flip-top 16oz bottles, which are awesome (and also are responsible for Revive’s well-oiled bottle reuse program; with about 70% of their bottles getting reused). It’s nice, though, to have a smaller alternative that literally fits in your pocket.

Up Beat is a great name, because, after all, it’s brewed with coffee! Equator Coffee from Marin County, CA, to be exact. Which is located less than an hour from Revive’s headquarters in Sonoma County, so hooray for using local ingredients!



The other ingredients in this one are organic vanilla and almond extracts, which give this robust fizzy brew a nice sweetness that balances the coffee notes.


Like Up Beat, Ascend definitely has energizing qualities. There’s lemon juice in there, as well as Lysine, which is an essential amino acid that helps in recovery from sports injuries and helps build muscle protein. So, it makes sense why there’s a hiker pictured on the label too! The brew is very crisp and a bit dry with nice citrusy notes. It definitely has tonic-like properties.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.