Zama Tea


Based in: Tustin, CA
Founded: 2016
Distribution: Orange County


In the oldest building in old town Tustin, CA, there is a new concept: a booch and tea bar. It's called Zama Tea (named after Zama, Japan, where owner Leanne Herrera was born), and it's very special. Rows of every kind of imaginable tea line the shelves, while at the bright, modern and cozy bar, 10 taps pour out different flavors of kombucha, which is all brewed in-house by Leanne herself. The booch is served in growlers, cups, and—our favorite: flights.


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This particular flight we devoured featured Blackberry Grapefruit; Mango/habanero/mushroom/algae (also known as "Emerald Fire"); Blueberry Lavender and the Original flavor. All were fantastic, fun, unique fizzy flavors, blended with imagination and obvious passion.

Leanne first got into teas and herbs for their healing properties after a health scare. She eventually became a tea connoisseur, and transitioned her love for teas into brewing kombucha. This space is too cute (the owners ended up gutting and rebuilding the entire interior of this historic building, while preserving the exterior and some of its classic details), with a lovely back garden to boot!