Golda Kombucha


Based in: Atlanta, GA
Founded: 2013
Distribution: Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia is known for its soul food, and one could say that kombucha is also food for the soul. Yet, not a single commercial kombucha brewer existed in the entire city—until Golda Kombucha showed up in 2013. Since then, Golda has become a kind of representative for Georgian booch. And what makes it distinct is the same thing that distinguishes the state: A mellow charm.


Perhaps it’s owed to the fact that Golda is fermented in American oak barrels. The oak is breathable, which keeps the bacteria and yeast thriving; they’re able to kind of fuse with the oak, especially over the course of many brews, which provides the kombucha with even more enzymes and probiotics. The result—as many believe, including Golda’s founder Melanie Wade—is an even more potent, healthier and tastier booch. The Strawberry Mint flavor from Golda definitely brings a lot of interesting flavor nuances together. The sweetness here is minimal (only 4g of sugar in the 16oz bottle), and the strawberry flavor nicely accents the freshness of the mint. The combination actually has pink grapefruit notes! The fizz is superb.


All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

We also appreciate the recently-redesigned, very creative packaging, with that wood grain detail on the labels. And their Koffucha flavor, which is brewed with organic coffee, is absolutely delightful. Fizzy, robust and energizing! Another one of this brand’s charms: Its namesake is the founder's grandmother, Golda. She was the one who taught Melanie how to brew kombucha and passed down her recipe. As we’ve seen countless times, kombucha is a family affair.