Fine Feathers Kombucha


Based in: Long Beach, CA
Founded: 2012
Distribution: Long Beach/Los Angeles Area


From the start of their brewing adventure together, the lovely husband-and-wife team behind Fine Feathers—Jay Penev and Jodine Penev West—had their eye toward sustainability and community. Before settling into their current brewery/retail space in 2014, the couple concocted their booch in a commercial kitchen and delivered the brews by bicycle. Although they have mostly outgrown the bicycle delivery (they still have scheduled weekly deliveries), their attention on their eco-conscious business has not. They donate compost from their kitchen and give customers $4 off for each returned growler, or a free 16 oz bottle for every return of ten 16oz. bottles.

This brewing couple exudes kombucha love. Their mini-factory—where six taps rotate different flavors—is saturated with the energy of two people who are absolutely hands-on and obsessed with their product. You can taste it in their brews, which use super high-quality teas and imaginative flavorings. As Jodine put it, "People ask us, 'Oh, you guys have kids?' We tell them, 'Yes, we have billions.'"

Fine Feathers have been bottling their brews inside 12oz longneck bottles and recently decided to switch to these bigger 16oz ones with twist-off caps, which we love. It’s so satisfying when the quality of the kombucha is complimented by the bottles in which they’re served. So let’s talk about the quality.

These three flavors are our favorites of their line of six. Jasmine Peony is all sorts of magical. That beautiful floral note that comes through is so special. One of the finest brews we’ve ever tried. And all it is is jasmine green tea. So simple, and yet the product is nuanced, layered. Lemongrass Oolong is on the bolder, more robust side. It has honey notes that tangle with the citrusy notes of the lemongrass.

We can't recommend Fine Feathers highly enough, and their mini booch factory in Long Beach is a must-visit for any booch-head.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.