Caboost Kombucha


Based in: Bend, OR
Founded: 2015
Distribution: OR, WA


A glass of sangria, a bowl of fruit punch and a bottle of kombucha all walk into a bar... There's probably a really great joke in there! But that's how this yummy Hibiscus Sangria flavor makes us feel. It's like a party in a bottle. The hibiscus is so yummy in this and there are warm cinnamon notes too. Lately, we've been obsessed with adding hibiscus flowers to our second ferment, and this flavor takes it to another level. The fizz is perfect too. And that color!  We adore this small, local company based, run by two of the nicest brewers we know!

As founder Kris Romaine tells us, “Each recipe has its own proprietary methods for extracting the desired flavors of our ingredients.” Kris, who is a health and wellness coach, founded the company two years ago with partner Michael Eliot, and the two self-distribute their flavors in the Bend and central Washington areas. They began bottling their booch recently, after they were forced to close down their stand-alone kombucha drive-through location (the nation’s first! such a cool idea, right?), due to city regulations. Like all kombucha brewers, Caboost faces the challenges of working within all the many regulations while maintaining the integrity of their product. Based on the brews we’ve tried, they’re definitely succeeding. 

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

Ruby Basil really hits the spot. Grapefruit is such a wonderful, if somewhat undervalued, flavor ingredient in kombucha. It yields a really soft, tangy-and-sweet element. Caboost uses 3 different tea blends in this brew: green, white and oolong. And the result is like eating a grapefruit cup with a little sugar sprinkled on top.