Kauai Juice Co.


Based in: Kauai, HI
Founded: 2010
Distribution: Kauai, HI


Oh Hawaii, you magical place. We first visited Hawaii in 2012, and discovered some amazing kombucha over there. There is so much local, sourcable produce on the islands—from lilikoi to mango—as well as a very booch-friendly climate; especially on Kauai, which is known as Hawaii’s “Garden Isle,” thanks to its lush tropical rainforests. Kauai Juice Co. takes full advantage of the island’s bounty—they source their ingredients from over 30 farms on Kauai!

Kauai Juice Co. started as a kombucha brewery, and then added juices and cleanses to their menu. They have two locations on the island, and their flagship one in Kapaa also offers their kombucha on tap.

Green Tonic is just one of their many flavors, and is very true to its name. It definitely tastes like a vibrant tonic, with herbal notes, dominated by turmeric. There’s also spirulina in there, which adds that gorgeous pop of color! It tastes refreshing and cleansing, and really feels like drinking a nutrient-dense bubbly probiotic tangy juice.

Lilikoi Lychee is one of their signature flavors made with the abundance of some of the islands' most beloved fruits. Sweet and tart, it tastes like an island vacation.

Strawberry Guava, meanwhile, has a gently sweet tropical fruit punch flavor with perfect effervescence. Blueberry Blue Basil has a strong berry flavor with herbal hints in the aftertaste. And can we talk about the colors? We love when the colors of a booch make us feel like we're traveling to a different land, just by looking at them!

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.