Rainbow Cloud Kombucha


Based in: Tacoma, WA
Founded: 2012
Distribution: WA, OR


Every kombucha brand name has a story, and in the case of Rainbow Cloud, it’s a particularly interesting one. "Rainbow Cloud" is the nickname of the young daughter of a good friend of the founder, Matt Eklund. In 2012, after attending a the National Rainbow Gathering—which is a peaceful ceremonial type gathering of over 20,000 people in southern WA—Matt had a kind of epiphany and decided that brewing kombucha was his calling. He got his hands on some oak barrels, scobys and never looked back. We’re glad he listened to his calling, because the kombucha is excellent.

Ginger is the most popular kombucha flavor, but there are many ways to do ginger. Some have extra kick, others are more mellow. Organic Ginger is absolutely wonderful. Very smooth, silky. It has a nice mellow kick, and a soft finish, with impeccable carbonation. The tea is green jasmine, which adds a floral note. Definitely one of the top 5 gingers we’ve ever tried.

Aroniaberry is somewhere between pomegranate and blueberry, with a dash of raspberry. The tea base is green jasmine, which gives it a certain softness. Because this kombucha is brewed in oak barrels, it has a milder fermentation, so it's more sweet than tart.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

We also love the clean but unique graphics that compliment the kombucha and give the bottle a cool look. Normally, the flip top would be sealed around the mouth of the bottle, but in Rainbow Cloud's case, it’s hanging to the side, while the bottle is cap-sealed. This is actually a great idea, because a lot of times, the flip-tops can be quite explosive. This booch, while nice and fizzy, stayed inside the bottle when we opened. And that’s... flippin’ awesome!