Lion Heart Kombucha


Based in: Portland, OR
Founded: 2009
Distribution: OR, WA, CA (limited locations)


If you are on quest for kombucha with the lowest sugar content, then we may have found your holy grail! With 0-4 grams of sugar per 8oz, Lion Heart Kombucha is the king of the anti-soda. This delightfully dry booch really satisfies with its mild fizz and subtle sweetness that comes only from the locally sourced fruit.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

Lion Heart has prided itself on staying connected to the community from the very beginning. In fact, the origin of the company is as local as it gets: selling kombucha from the garage of founders Jared and Amanda Englund. What had begun as kombucha brewing classes blossomed into a full blown brewery. As they have grown, "kombuchologist" Jared still uses local produce to provide seasonal flavors available only a local on tap locations and farmers markets.

These 3 flavors are just whoa. Raspberry Harvest has a very pure raspberry flavor that is so spot-on. Imagine eating raspberries fresh from the harvest and sipping some lovely booch together. Yeah, it's like that. Formerly called Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Bliss has strong lavender and lemon notes that balance each other perfectly sending the boochhead into a state of, well, Bliss. And did we mention it has 0 grams of sugar? Wow! With a mild blueberry vibe, Blueberry Ginger focuses its crisp flavor on the ginger. As the old saying goes, "when in doubt, add ginger." Ok, we made that up but you can never wrong with ginger.