Puget Sound Kombucha Co.


Based in: Seattle, WA
Founded: 2015
Distribution: Washington


Named after Puget Sound, which hugs their brewing headquarters—Puget Sound Kombucha Co is an example of all-around quality. From the packaging design to the taste, this brand is selling itself really well. It gives kombucha a cool, clean image that pushes the beverage further into mainstream acceptance.

Sometimes no added flavor actually yields the best flavor, and Puget Sound makes that very apparent with their minimalist brews. Their three flavors have no flavors added, yet they are full of flavor! How can that be? That’s because teas are amazing! Black & White Blend uses a blend of english breakfast and white peony teas, and the combination creates an elegant, clean brew that is so pleasant to sip on. It’s the perfect pairing for rich foods, because it won’t overpower.

Early Grey Blend and Green Tea Blend have exceptional fizz and froth. A bubble-lovers’ dream.The aroma of Earl Grey hits you first—with those complex tea notes and a lemony undertone. The taste is smooth and balanced. It’s got a beautiful golden color that is like a burst of sunshine in your glass. Green Tea blend doesn’t have a particular scent and the color is more translucent. It’s light and crisp and dry. There is very little sweetness in this one; it tastes very pure and undiluted. The ingredients for both flavors are delightfully simple: Just organic tea and organic cane sugar. The magic is, clearly, in the expert fermentation.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

All photos property of Kombucha Hunter. Please request permission for use.

We also really love their packaging, which was created by a local graphic designer. As co-founder Emily Malone explains, “We worked closely with her to come up with an aesthetic that we thought really represented the Pacific Northwest,” and one that also reflected the clean simplicity of their brews.

Sound is run by Emily and her husband Casey, who are both vegetarian marathon runners. They’re also parents to two young boys, so major kudos to them for running a business while also parenting. They first started brewing in their own kitchen out of one-gallon jars six years ago. Eventually, their brews got so good that the couple began dreaming about going commercial in January of 2015. It was a “far-fetched dream,” Emily recalls, but they pushed forward. “We reached a point where we needed to either abandon the idea, or go all in. We chose the latter.” We’re glad they did!